Issue 19.2


General Issue

Published: April 1986

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 8 essays, totalling 132 pages

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Opening with an essay on Thomas Mann, the fall, the transcendent, and the imprisoning nature of language, this general issue of Mosaic also offers essays on the unsettled and uncanny narcissism of Frederick Philip Grove; the travelogue of Anna Johnson’s Canadian aesthetic experience; a political re-evaluation of Andrew Marvell’s “A Poem upon the Death of O. C.”; D.H. Lawrence’s literary love affairs with Sicily; the interlocking structures of capitalism, literature, and cognition; a psychoanalytic exploration of mother-daughter bonding in Nathaniel Hawthorne; and a French essay on the similar rhetorical and stylistic craft of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Knut Hamsun.

Babel Revisited: Mann's Myth of Language in The Magic Mountain

Philip Sicker

Deux exemples d'autarcie: Clarens et Sellanraa

Dolores Buttry

Narcissism and the Uncanny in Grove's Over Prairie Trails

K.P. Stich

"Sublime Desolation": European Art and Jameson's Perceptions of Canada

Lorraine M. York

Marvell's Richard Cromwell: "He, Vertue Dead, Revives"

Charles Larson

Lawrence and Sicily: The Place of Places

Julian Moynahan

The Cognitive Commodity: Fictional Discourse as Novelty and Circulation

Darko Suvin

Mother-Daughter Identification in The Scarlet Letter

Lois A. Cuddy