Mosaic seeks to broaden our reach - to be accessible in libraries all over the globe.

Our ISSN number is 0027-1276.

Mosaic is a quarterly journal, published in March, June, September, December. The subscription term for libraries corresponds to volume or calendar year; first issue in March.

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Free Sample Issue

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Claims for Missing Issues

If you have not received an issue of Mosaic that you should have, please read the following claims policy and then contact our Business Manager for resolution.

Claims Policy

Claims for issues are accepted from 6 weeks to 6 months following the end of month of publication.

Please use the following table as a guide:

No. 1 (March)claims accepted from May 15 to September 30
No. 2 (June)claims accepted from August 15 to December 31
No. 3 (September)claims accepted from November 15 to March 31
No. 4 (December)claims accepted from February 15 to June 30

Back Issue Orders

If you would like to place an order for back issues please contact our Business Manager for a quotation.