Issue 19.3-4


Special Issue: Literature and Altered States of Consciousness

Published: June 1986

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 15 essays, totalling 218 pages

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Featuring an essay on Herman Hesse and artificial intelligence by Timothy Leary, this double special issue of Mosaic explores the dreaming, paranormal, and parapsychological intersections of consciousness, culture, and literature. Available in two volumes, this special issue also includes essays that explore how theatre alters the mind, six essays on intoxication (and literature, and an essay exploring spirit possession in The Tale of Genji.

"Neutral" Consciousness in the Experience of Theater

Ralph Yarrow

Yugao: A Case of Spirit Possession in The Tale of Genji

Doris G. Bargen

"The Wild Anarchie of Drinke": Ben Jonson and Alcohol

Peter Hyland

The Seer Stone Controversy: Writing the Book of Mormon

Peter Hyland

God's Wine and Devil's Wine: The Idea of Intoxication in Emerson

Nicholas O. Warner

Poe's "The Black Cat" as a Critique of Temperance Literature

T.J. Matheson

Cognitive Psychology and Whitman's "Song of Myself"

Chanita Goodblatt and Joseph Glicksohn

Alcoholism and Family Abuse in Maggie and The Bluest Eye

Rosalie Murphy Baum

Ernst J?nger: Literature, Warfare and the Intoxication of Philosophy

Marcus Bullock

Robert Lowell and Free Association

Katherine Wallingford

The Drug Experience in Jos? Agust?n's Fiction

Susan C. Schaffer

La Pens?e fusionelle et la pens?e s?paratrice chez Jeanne Hyvrard

Jennifer Waelti-Waters

Merill and Freud: The Psychopathology of Eternal Life

D.L. Macdonald

Blindness and Self-Perception: The Autobiographies of Ved Mehta

John M. Slatin

Artificial Intelligence: Hesse's Prophetic "Glass Bead Game"

Timothy Leary