Issue 20.3


General Issue

Published: July 1987

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 9 essays, totalling 136 pages

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This truly eclectic grouping of essays discusses topics ranging from food and power to Deliverance and Georges Bataille. The nine essays in this general issue of Mosaic connect in unique ways, generally focusing on various artistic responses to paintings, Transcendentalism, or the individual and death. Specific topics include Denis Diderot and René Magritte, Loren Eiseley and Transcendentalism, and Octavio Paz’s mythic structure.

"Ceci n'est pas..." Negative Framing in Diderot and Magritte

Suzanne Rodin Pucci

Loren Eiseley and the Transcendentalist Tradition

Robert G. Franke

Speculations: Contemporary Poetry and Painting

Fred Moramarco

Food and Power: Homer, Carroll, Atwood and Others

Mervyn Nicholson

In Search of the Tubercle Bacillus: The Death of Thomas Wolfe

Frank C. Wilson

Facing the Masks: Persona and Self in Nietzshe, Rilke and Mishima

Graham Parkes

"Un principe d'insuffisance": Dickey's Dialogue with Bataille

Heinz Tschachler

Undoing the Mona Lisa: Henry James's Quarrel with da Vinci and Pater

Lynda S. Boren

Mythic Transcendence: Octavio Paz, Mallarm? and Marcel Duchamp

Claudia Rousseau