Issue 20.4


Special Issue: Data and Acta: Aspects of Life-Writing

Published: October 1987

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 12 essays, totalling 168 pages

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At the core of each of the twelve essays that make up this special issue of Mosaic is conflict. Conflict, moreover is at the core of all life-writing, suggests Editor Evelyn Hinz in her introduction to this edition. In many of the essays, there is also a clear connection to matters of politics, whether the essays focus on women, children, race, or war. Other areas of interest are the act of life-writing, the value of life-writing, and the internal dynamics of such material.

The Gospel as Hellenistic Biography

David E. Aune

Canadian Servicemen's Memoirs of the Second World War

Michael A. Mason

Cyril Connolly's The Unquiet Grave: The Pilot and the Noonday Devil

J.M. Kertzer

The "Politics" of childhood Autobiographies: O'Casey and Soyinka

Ronald Ayling

Games in Frank Conroy's Stop-time

Timothy Dow Adams

History or Fiction: Balancing Contemporary Autobiography's Claims

Philip Dodd

In the Eye of Abjection: Marie Cardinal's The Words to Say It

Patricia Elliot

Homer Watson in Canada: Biography and Cultural History

Gerald Noonan

From Memoir to Case History: Schreber, Freud and Jung

Karen Bryce Funt

Making History in The Mother of Us All

Elizabeth Winston

Narrative and the Popularity of Biography

Ira B. Nadel

Behind Every Great Man: Frida Kahlo's Litters to Ella Wolfe

Marlene Kadar