Issue 21.2-3


Special Issue: Contexts: The Interdisciplinary Study of Literature

Published: April 1988

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 17 essays, totalling 252 pages

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This double special issue of Mosaic contains seventeen papers originally presented at an international conference held at the University of Manitoba in 1986, the goal of which was to assert the vitality of interdisciplinary literary scholarship and to celebrate its continuance. The issue, guest-edited by John Teunissen, includes essays on cognitive psychology, classics, religion, medicine, fine arts, education, oral studies, and law. Essay topics range from evil to peace, from painting to law-writing, and from the Gospels to quantum theories. This edition precisely shows the relevance of literature to other fields of study and vice versa.

Structuring "Praiseworthy Space": Building from Horace to Wallace Stevens

Rosemary M. Nielsen and Robert H. Solomon

Daemonic Anatomy: Embarrassment and Theft in Apuleius's The Golden Ass

Bruce Clarke

Defamiliarization in the Gospels

James L. Resseguie

Evil as Parody in the Paradise That Was Lost: Three Illustrations Interpret Milton's Book 4

Virginia Tufte

Hard Cases, Easy Cases and Weird Cases: Cannon Formation in Law and Literature

Susan Sage Heinzelman

Brain Theory and the Poetics of Consolation

John R. Roy

"In Some Untrodden Region of My Mind": Double Discourse in Keat's "Ode to Psyche"

Donald C. Goellnicht

"A Rude Idealism": Models of Nature and History in Shelley's Prometheus Unbound

Daniel Stempel

Sunrise on the Saguenay: Popular Literature and the Sublime

Patricia Vervoort

Active Readers in Literary Comprehension: An Interdisciplinary Framework

Dietrich Meutsch

Speculum of the Other Molly: A Feminist/Psychoanalytic Inquiry into James Joyce's Politics of Desire

Suzette A. Henke

Literary Theory and Public Education: The Instance of F.R. Leavis

When the Quarks Come Marching Home, Again

Mel Seesholtz

"Violent Stillness": Photography and Postmodernism in Canadian Fiction

Lorraine M. York

A Peace-Studies Approach to The Left Hand of Darkness

John Getz

Politics into Art: Kogawa's Obasan and the Rhetoric of Fiction

Marilyn Russell Rose

Perspectives on and from an Oral Testimony: Piet Draghoender's Lament

E. Sienaert