Issue 21.4


General Issue

Published: October 1988

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 10 essays, totalling 128 pages

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A number of the essays in this general issue of Mosaic take art as their subject in some form, including examinations of Victorian art and the artistic dialogue of the mind with itself, verbal depictions of fantastic portraits, and the dual visual and verbal nature of caricature. Other topics examined in the issue include politics and architecture in post-World War II British novels and the grotesque body in George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss.

The Victorian Esthetic Dialogue of the Mind with Itself

Lawrence J. Starzyk

Architecture and the Postwar British Novel: Resistance to Social Change

Laura L. Doan

The "Grotesque Body": Physiology in The Mill on the Floss

James Diedrick

Repetition Compulsion and "Undoing": T.S. Eliot's "Anxiety of Influence"

Dan Pearce

Sir Walter Scott's The Heart of Midlothian and Scottish Common-Sense Morality

Jana Davis

John Barth's Letters: History, Representation and Postmodernism

Thomas Carmichael

Description as Science and Art: Calvino's Narratice of Observation

John Hannay

Fantastic Verbal Portraits of Fantastic Visual Portraits

Eric S. Rabkin

The Smallweeds and Trooper George: The Autochthony Theme in Bleak House

Alice N. Benston

Baudelaire's "Une charogne": Caricature and the Birth of Modern Art

Ainslie Armstrong McLees