Issue 22.1


General Issue

Published: January 1989

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 9 essays, totalling 136 pages

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This general issue of Mosaic offers nine essays that combine literary analysis with various other disciplines. Included are essays on Joseph Conrad and Impressionist painting, Samuel Beckett and neurology, D.M. Thomas and psychoanalysis, John Steinbeck and psychology, and Sinclair Ross and philosophy.

"Sung and Proverb'd for a Fool": Samson as Fool and Trickster

Anna K. Nardo

Finch's "Candid Account" vs. Eighteenth-Century Theories of the Spleen

Katherine M. Rogers

Impressionist Painting and the Problem of Conrad's Atmosphere

Donald R. Benson

Neurological Disorder and the Evolution of Beckett's Maternal Images

Hugh Culik

Freud, Jung and the "Myth" of Psychoanalysis in The White Hotel

Rowland Wymer

The Two Switchmen of Nihilism: Dostoevsky and Nietzche

Alan Woolfolk

Profiles of Scientific Personality: John Steinbeck's "The Snake"

Cheryl Weston and John V. Knapp

"Affective" Strategies for Social Change: Alegr?a's The Chilean Spring

Claudette Kemper Columbus

Dante, C.D. Burns and Sinclair Ross: Philosophical Issues in As For Me and My House

Thomas M.F. Gerry