Issue 22.2


General Issue

Published: April 1989

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 9 essays, totalling 136 pages

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Opening with an examination of Annie Dillard’s fascination with modern scientific theories and closing with an exploration of the hygienic ethos within Tobias Smollett’s early work, this general issue of Mosaic contains essays on the relationship between art and science, early versions of the Faustus myth, Ezra Pound’s Cantos, and William Faulkner’s debt to James Joyce.

Annie Dillard: Modern Physics in a Contemporary Mystic

Susan M. Felch

The Misrepresentation of Self: Werther versus Goethe

Alice A. Kuzinar

The Social Other: Don Juan and the Genesis of the Self

Kim Ian Michasiw

The "uneven mirrors" of Art and Science: Kunert and Escher

Valerie D. Greenberg

Versions of the "Primal Scene": Faulkner and Ulysses

Michael Zeitlin

Right Eye and Left Heel: Ideological Origins of the Legend of Faustus

Michael H. Keefer

The Dialogic Nature of Collage in Pound's Cantos

Jacob Korg

The Search for Social Reality in Recent Literary Theory

Charles Molesworth

Smollett's Use of Medical Theory: Roderick Random and Peregrine Pickle

John McAllister