Issue 22.3


General Issue

Published: July 1989

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 9 essays, totalling 144 pages

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The essays in this general issue of Mosaic investigate a range of narratives and genres, including visual art in D.H. Lawrence, women’s diaries, Vladimir Nabokov’s biography of Abram Gannibal, the film adaptation of A Room with a View directed by James Ivory, and the plays of Henrik Ibsen.

D.H. Lawrence: Social Ideology in Visual Art

Emily K. Dalgarno

Post-Einsteinian Physics and Literature: Toward a New Poetics

Dennis Bohnenkamp

Norman O. Brown's Body: Archetypal Metamorphosis

E.F. Dyck

Fact and Fiction in Nabokov's Biography of Abram Gannibal

Leona Toker

Women and Diaries: Gender and Genre

Valerie Raoul

Two Rooms with a View: An Inquiry into Film Adaptation

June Perry Levine

Practical Wisdom and Satiric Humor in Philosophic Fictions

Robert A. Kantra

Learning from the Stock Market: Literature as Cultural Investment

Alexander J. Argyros

Ibsen's Paradoxical Attitudes Toward Kindermord

Terry Otten