Issue 22.4


General Issue

Published: October 1989

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 8 essays, totalling 128 pages

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The majority of the essays in this general issue of Mosaic examine literature of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Included essays consider the artist’s perspective in Victorian literature, James Fenimore Cooper’s novels, George Eliot’s Adam Bede, and ideological esthetics in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Also included in this issue are essays on Thomas Middleton’s Family of Love and John Fowles’s The Tree.

Aquinas vs. Weber: Ideological Esthetics in The Great Gatsby

Paul Giles

The Italian Renaissance: Pound's Probelmatic Debt to Burckhardt

Robert Casillo

Fathers and Sons: Fowles's The Tree and Autobiographical Theory

Jamie Dopp and Barry N. Olshen

Pregnant Puns and Sectarian Rhetoric: Middleton's Family of Love

Joanne Altieri

Self-Disorder and Agression in Adam Bede: A Kohutian Analysis

Peggy Fitzhugh Johnstone

Painterly Perspecitve and Autority in Victorian Writings

Linda M. Austin

Real versus Imagined History: Cooper's European Novels

Ernest H. Redekop

T.S. Eliot: From Varieties of Mysticism to Pragmatic Poesis

Donald J. Childs