Issue 23.2


General Issue

Published: April 1990

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 7 essays, totalling 136 pages

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This general issue of Mosaic brings together an eclectic range of essays that examine early cyberpunk and postmodernism, linguistic metaphor and Renaissance portraiture, formal Renaissance sonnets and morphology, and Bildungsroman and career counselling. Other included essays examine detective fiction, T.S. Eliot’s allegiances, and Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo.

Crowds and Politics in Nostromo

Nicholas Visser

Initiation Stories: Narrative Structure and Career Planning

Grace Ann Hovet

Cybernetic Deconstructions: Cyberpunk and Postmodernism

Veronica Hollinger

Detective Fiction and the Function of Tacit Knowledge

Joseph Keller and Kathleen Gregory Klein

The Case for "Case" in Reading Elizabethan Portraits

Mary E. Hazard

Conversion and Expatriation: T.S. Eliot's Dual Allegiance

Eloise Knapp Hay

The Idealization of Women: Morphology and Change in Three Renaissance Texts

R.L. Kesler