Issue 23.3


Special Issue: Troops versus Tropes: War and Literature

Published: July 1990

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 11 essays, totalling 192 pages

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This special issue of Mosaic provides a predominantly twentieth-century focus, examining a wide range of literary texts that contemplate pre-, mid-, and post-war matters. The essays in this issue address many of the nineteenth-century wars that involved Western nations: WWI and WWII, the Falklands War, the Viet Nam War. These essays examine topics and themes such as women and war, the individual psyche, life-writing, military discourse, racism, and recuperation.

Fearful Domestication: Future-War Stories and the Organization of Consent, 1871-1914

C.J. Keep

A Poetics of War: Militarist Discourse in the British Empire, 1880-1918

Robert H. MacDonald

History and Ideology in Autobiographical Literature of the First World War

Evelyn Cobley

Canadian Warcos in World War II: Professionalism, Patriotism and Propaganda

Eric Thompson

The Alienation of "I": Christa Wolf and Militarism

Elise Marks

The Quiet Revolution: World War II and the English Domestic Novel

Phyllis Lassner

Escaping Voices: Women's South Pacific Internment Diaries and Memoirs

Lynn Z. Bloom

Recuperating the Postwar Moment: Green's Back and Bacon's Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a

Laura L. Doan

Sexism and Racism in Vietnam War Fiction

Philip K. Jason

The Falklands War: Irony as Exposure and Coverup

Kevin D. Foster

Women and War: A Selected Bibliography

Alice Budge and Pam Didur