Issue 23.4


General Issue

Published: October 1990

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 6 essays, totalling 112 pages

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Possibilities and potential are at the forefront in this general issue of Mosaic. It offers new explanations and meaning to old challenges, including Chaucer’s scatology, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s experimentation, and the figurative and mythic possibilities of science and nature. A range of texts are examined in this manner, including Chaucer’s Summoner’s Tale, Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, and Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing.

"Ars-Metrik": Science, Satire and Chaucer's Summoner

Timothy D. O'Brien

Competing Theories of Identity in Kafka's The Metamorphosis

Kevin W. Sweeney

"Between the wave and the particle": Figuring Science in Howard Nemerov's Poems

Miriam Marty Clark

Fairy-Tale Morphology in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing

Ronald Granofsky

Italo Calvino: The Code, The Clinamen and Cities

Paul A. Harris

Ndebele's Fools: A Challenge to the Theory of "Multiple Meaning"

K.J. Phillips