Issue 24.1


General Issue

Published: January 1991

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 7 essays, totalling 128 pages

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Together the essays in this general issue of Mosaic address a significant range of the lived-human experience, many essays explicitly concerned with matters of affect. Essays in this collection are concerned with defeat, self-fashioning, suicide, sexuality, and belonging and assess John Milton, Shakespeare, John Donne, Sir Philip Sidney, John Rochester, and Joseph Conrad.

Milton, Bunyan and the Literature of Defeat

Christopher Hill

The Liar Paradox as Self-Mockery: Hamlet's Postmodern Cogito

Willian O. Scott

Re-Visioning the Death Wish: Donne and Suicide

Mark Allinson

Sexuality and Social Hierarchy in Sidney and Rochester

Robert Holton

Le dernier homme: The French Revolution as the Failure of Typology

Morton D. Paley

The Charm of Empire: Joseph Conrad's "Karain: A Memory"

Christopher GoGwilt

Primordial Affinities: Lawrence, Van Gogh and the Miners

Jack F. Stewart