Issue 24.2


General Issue

Published: April 1991

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 8 essays, totalling 160 pages

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This general issue of Mosaic boasts eight essays of broad focus. Two of the essays address non-literary media, focusing on the music of English airs and Japonisme, while others focus on non-traditional literary forms, including photo-fiction and prison confession. The remaining essays touch on key English authors, including Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, and Edith Wharton.

Shakespeare and the Idea of Obedience: Gonzalo in The Tempest

Paul Yachnin

Music and Metrics: Idiom and the English Air

Daniel T. Fischlin

Purity and Disgust: The Limits of Worsworth's Primitivism

Anne McWhir

Reconsidering Japonisme: The Goncourts' Contribution

Deborah Johnson

"A Moment's Ornament": Wharton's Lily Bart and Art Nouveau

Reginald Abbott

Body Linguistics in Schreber's Memoirs and De Quincey's Confessions

Martin Wallen

Dostoevsky Versus Nietzsche in the Work of Andrey Bely and Thomas Mann

John Burt Foster, Jr.

Photofiction as Family Album: David Galloway, Paul Theroux and Anita Brookner

Brent MacLaine