Issue 24.3-4


Special Issue: Diet and Discourse: Eating, Drinking and Literature

Published: July 1991

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 12 essays, totalling 280 pages

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This double special issue on diet and discourse contains eleven essays that take orality as their theme. As Editor Evelyn J. Hinz writes in her introduction, “here the instrument of speech is allied with the orifice of ingestion.” The topics discussed in this issue cover both the excess and the paucity of food, drink, and eating disorders in a variety of texts, from Lord Byron’s Don Juan, Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market,” Charles Dickens’s novels, Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano, and the novels of Michel Tournier.

A New Emetics of Interpretation: Swift, His Critics and the Alimentary Canal

Ashraf H.A. Rushdy

Stuffing the Verdant Goose: Culinary Esthetics in Don Juan

Carol Shiner Wilson

The Monarch as Glutton: Vasily Narezhny's The Black Year

Ronald D. LeBlanc

Bringing Up By Hand: Dickens and the Feeding of Children

Mary Burgan

Anorexia as a Lived Trope: Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market"

Deborah Ann Thompson

Port and Claret: The Politics of Wine in Trollope's Barsetshire Novels

Robert James Merrett

"The Raw and The Cooked": The Role of Fruit in Modern Poetry

Carole E. Dietrich

Conspiring with the Addict: Yvonne's Co-dependency in Under the Volcano

Catherine MacGregor

Sexualit? Alimentaire et El?mentaire: Michael Tourier's Answer to Freud

Susan Petit

"Poor Simulacra": Images of Hunger, the Politics of Aid and Keneally's Towards Asmara

David Kennedy

Eat - or Be Eaten: An Interdisciplinary Metaphor

Mervyn Nicholson

Food in Literature: A Selective Bibliography

Norman Kiell