Issue 50.1


Special Issue: The Mosaic Interviews

Published: March 2017

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 17 essays, totalling 368 pages

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Part of Mosaic’s year-long 50th-anniversary celebration, this special issue gathers between two covers all of the “Crossings” interviews the journal has featured since 2001. In addition to 16 interviews led by Dawne McCance, Editor, with leading scholars, artists, and writers, the issue also includes a new interview with Rebecca Comay, Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto.

Crossings: An Interview with Rebecca Comay

New interview

‘We Haven’t Left the Body’: An Interview with Mary Ann Caws

34.3 (Sep. 2001)

Monday, 5 February 2001 was a cold, snowy day in New York City. Dawne McCance (DM) conducted this interview with Mary Ann Caws (MAC) in front of a warm fire in the Princeton Club. Mosaic is honoured to publish the interview here.

Bodily Charm: An Interview with Linda Hutcheon and Michael Hutcheon

34.3 (Sep. 2001)

On 31 March 2001, at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Linda Hutcheon (LH) and Michael Hutcheon (MH) delivered the Warhaft Memorial Lecture, “Staging the Visual Arts: The Operatic Gaze.” On the occasion of the Warhaft lecture, Dawne McCance (DM) conducted an inter(re)view with the Hutcheons on their book, Bodily Charm: Living Opera.

William Spanos in Conversation

34.4 (Dec. 2001)

On the morning of 2 February 2001, Dawne McCance (DM) and Robert Kroetsch (RK) conducted the following interview on haunting with William Spanos (WS) at his home in Castle Creek, New York.

Translation/citation: An Interview with John P. Leavey, Jr.

35.1 (Mar. 2002)

On 14 February 2001, Dawne McCance (DM) interviewed John P. Leavey Jr. (JL) at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Roundtable on Interdisciplinarity

35.2 (June 2002)

The following roundtable discussion took place at the University of Queensland, Australia, on 12 June 2001, as the concluding session of the No Sense of Discipline conference. The discussion brought together Mosaic Editor Dawne McCance (DM) with conference plenary speakers Sander Gilman (SG), Linda Hutcheon (LH), Michael Hutcheon (MH), and Helen Tiffin (HT). Mosaic is pleased to publish the roundtable here.

An Interview with Álvaro Siza

35.4 (Dec. 2002)

Crossings: An Interview with Aritha Van Herk

36.1 (Mar. 2003)

The following interview with Aritha van Herk, distinguished Canadian writer and critic, took place on 29 March 2002 in the John Snow House, Calgary, Alberta. Mosaic is pleased to publish the interview here.

Crossings: An Interview with Erín Moure

36.4 (Dec. 2003)

Mosaic initiated this interview in Calgary, Alberta, during the May 2003 Alley Alley Home Free North American Poetry and Poetics Conference, at which Erin Mouré delivered the keynote address, “Poetry’s Stakes Today.” We are pleased to publish the interview here.

Crossings: An Interview with David Farrell Krell

39.1 (Mar. 2006)

In March 2005, David Farrell Krell was the guest of the University of Manitoba as Distinguished Visiting Lecturer. The following interview was conducted on that occasion (17 March 2005). Mosaic is honoured to publish the interview here.

Crossings: An Interview with John Sallis

40.1 (Mar. 2007)

On 16 July 2006, Dawne McCance conducted the following interview with John Sallis on the occasion of the thirty-first meeting of the Collegium Phaenomenologicum in Città di Castello, Italy. Mosaic is grateful to John Sallis for taking time for the interview from his very full schedule in Città. We are honoured to publish the interview here, as one in the Mosaic “Crossings” series that explores intersections of the critical and creative, the philosophical and literary.

Crossings: An Interview with Rodolphe Gasché

41.4 (Dec. 2008)

This conversation with Rodolphe Gasché—a keynote speaker at Mosaic’s 2006 conference, Following Derrida: Legacies—evolved over several months. Mosaic is pleased to publish the interview here.

Crossings: An Interview with Peggy Kamuf

42.4 (Dec. 2009)

The following interview took place in Winnipeg on 2 October 2008. Mosaic is pleased and honoured to publish the interview here.

Crossings: An Interview with Kristin Linklater

44.1 (Mar. 2011)

This interview took place between 12 and 16 July 2010 on Kendall Island, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. Mosaic is grateful to Kristin Linklater for taking time from her busy schedule to do the interview, which we are honoured to publish here.

Crossings: An Interview with Alphonso Lingis

45.4 (Dec. 2012)

On October 3, 2012, Alphonso Lingis, a Distinguished Visiting Speaker at the University of Manitoba, participated in an open three-hour interview with Mosaic and a number of invited student and faculty participants. The following is a condensed transcription of that memorable conversation.

Crossings: An Interview with Nicholas Royle

47.1 (Mar. 2014)

The following interview with Nicholas Royle, another in Mosaic’s “Crossings” series, took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 21 October 2013. Along with Mosaic Editor, Dawne McCance, three of the journal’s graduate student interns participated in the interview: Karalyn Dokurno, Ryan Fics, and Riley McGuire. Mosaic is pleased to publish the interview here.

Crossings: An Interview with Michael Naas

47.4 (Dec. 2014)

The following interview with Michael Naas took place in Chicago on April 25, 2014. Mosaic is pleased to publish it here.